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Vivek Mahbubani 阿V


West Kowloon New Landmark Industrial Building

In fact, the most special thing about The Cloud is its technical support. First, it’s excellent, its internet is fast. You can also borrow a lot of facilities and equipment from them.

其實The Cloud 最特別的是它的技術支援,第一非常好。互聯網速度快,有很多的設施及設備可以借用。

I think The Cloud is a fascinating project. It not only provides a fast internet connection; it also gives you a full-package and technical support. It not only gives you equipment, it also gives you a place, a place convenient to you. The Cloud serves everything upon your arrivals and the most important thing is the support you need. They give their best to the project.

我覺得The Cloud 很有心,因為它提供的東西,不單是上網快,而是整個配套,技術上的支援,不單是給你設備,而是會給你地方,一個方便你的地方,等你來到時候,什麼需要的東西都可提供給你,最重要的就是支援,很用心地做這件事。

You always want to have inspirations; you wander around the waterfront. When inspired, you suddenly think of eating something first before going back for work. There are lots of eateries near The Cloud. You can visit the supermarkets there if you wanna buy something. Basically, you will save a lot of time.


As though you own more hands......


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