Miss Hunny 何穎璇


Brand New Concept Studio

Imagine you walk into the lobby of the building and it leaves you to an ambience of bright and vivacious. Then the curves of waves design give you a feeling of coherence. It is simply stylish.


The Cloud has 5G and 10Gbps optical-fibre broadband network.

The Cloud 雲之端又有5G ,又有10Gbps光纖寬頻。

We do creative job, it’s frustrating if your inspirations fleet away. But if you work in a place like The Cloud where it has speedy Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet), its support is one-stop, it has filming space, you can just go shoot immediately when you think of something and upload it by doing this you will never miss any great ideas of your own.

我們做創作的,最怕的是靈感一閃即逝,但如果工作的地方好像The Cloud 這樣,本身有極速的Wi-Fi(無線上網),有配套去支援,有地方去拍片,我們想到什麼就可以立即拍片,立即上載,不怕錯過任何東西。

I don’t drive apart from only thinking about myself. I also need to consider my other collaborating parties. Would it be difficult for them to visit me? If my studio is a hub with excellent transportation links like minibuses, buses and MTR, everyone can just travel easily from and to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories or even the airport, it would be great!


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